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Hands On The Heart helps keep the beat during CPR. It is designed to assist just about anyone, even those with no formal training, to perform high quality CPR and assist in a choking emergency until 9-1-1 First Responders arrive.

Hands On The Heart guides the user through the steps of giving high quality CPR or to assist during a choking emergency to Help Save a Life!

The Device

Easy to Spot

The bright red heart shape
makes it easy to spot when looking for it
during an emergency.

Easy to Use

Buttons are clearly marked for
Adult, Infant & Child CPR and Choking.

How Hands On The Heart Works

  • Takes (2) Two “AAA” Industrial Batteries that need to be  replaced up to ever 2 years.
  • Verbal coaching gives directions on how to perform CPR or relieve Choking.
  • Voice prompts for Adult, Child & Infant make sure you are performing the correct steps and rhythm to do the best when you answer the call to help.


Everything you need to know . . .


When a person is choking or goes into sudden cardiac arrest and there is NO method of communication. You’re hiking, camping, boating or during a natural disaster sometimes communications may not be available. 9-1-1 responses can be greatly increased or may not be available for an extended period of time.

Takes (2) Two “AAA” Industrial Batteries

It is recommended that the batteries be replaced every two years.

An AED will guide the user to apply the pads to a bare chest, analyze a heart rhythm and deliver a shock when appropriate.  Hands On The Heart will not only verbally guide the user on how to deliver high quality CPR, but also give the proper rhythm of 120 beats per minute, to keep the user on track when performing chest compressions, which is vitally important to keeping oxygenated blood flowing to the heart, brain and vital organs until 9-1-1 help arrives.

Hands On The Heart can be given to individual team members and be strategically placed throughout your business, including in vehicles and located next to AEDs and/or First Aid Kits.  Bring a Hands On The Heart to corporate meetings, conferences team building activities and outings. Hands On The Heart should be distributed to all field crews who work in remote locations where 9-1-1 assistance would experience an extended response time or have increased challenges getting to or removing a patient from a work site.

Hands On The Heart comes with your choice of a lanyard or a carabiner clip, making it easy to hang on a key holder next to the door, on the rear view mirror of the car, attach to a backpack or sports equipment bag, purse, etc.  It can be placed in or next to a First Aid Kit.  For family members with medical challenges, Hands On The Heart can be attached to wheelchairs, diaper bags, supply bags, etc.

Whether someone has taken a CPR class or never learned how to do CPR before Hands On The Heart can guide almost anyone through the steps necessary to perform CPR or choking procedure until emergency responders arrived.

Of course!  Hands On The Heart Makes a Great Gift!  When you purchase Hands On The Heart as a gift for someone, we will send a personalized gift card, letting them know who it is from.  The purchase invoice will be sent to you electronically and not included in the box with their gift.